AIM camera system

The cameras capture both underwater and above water swimming technique, from 50-1500m in all 5 strokes.  There are up to 12 cameras under the water, 2 of them are placed on each short side of the pool, as start and end camera (optional). The video from the underwater cameras stitches in real time by the software to present a film with the swimmer in the middle of the window. The cameras above the water present a video with the swimmer in the middle of the window from a different angle.
The view from  the short side cameras changes at the start and turn (the short side cameras are optional).
The system pinpoints your position in real time and can read your exact speed during your race. The most significant parameters that influence every swimmer’s competitive performance: Head Depth, Hip Depth, Cycle Count per lap, Break Distance from start and turns, Tempo, Breakout Time, Drop Off, Distance Per Cycle(Left and right arm comparison in freestyle and backstroke), Pure Swimming Velocity, Turn Time, Time Spent Under Water, Distance Swim Under Water.
After completing the race you can search for exact data based on time, position and cycle to find out following:
  1. Speed as function of time, Depth (Head and Hip) as function of time, Speed as function of time, Cycle Rate as function of time, Distance per Cycle as function of time (left and right arm in freestyle and backstroke)
  2. Speed as function of distance, Depth (Head and Hip) as function of distance, Cycle as function of distance, Cycle Rate as function of distance, Distance per Cycle as function of time (left and right arm in freestyle and backstroke)
In effect, these individualized race reports are designed to give coaches and swimmers an empowering “Bird’s Eye” view of their race, offering them the advantage of being able to see how seemingly unrelated issues of technique do apply to their overall success as a competitive swimmer.

Quick statistics

As soon as a swimmer hit the wall after a test our automatic analysing software starts to spinn. In one minute we have a complete analysis and overview of the swimmer. Here you see some of the Quick Statistics, as a fast view of the race.


The system creates various graphs over the race that is easily readable for both the coach and the swimmer. As a sport scientist you can always dig much deeper into the numbers. For the swimmers, we are sure this is enough…

Timing and Speed

With the charts you get Time and Speed at diffrent intervals over the pool length. You can always go in and search if you want even more specific information, for example what happend between 7,5m and 12,5m. This is done by an easy search.

Hip and Head depth

A new feature for AIM 2.0 is the hip depth. Hip depth is follwing the hip during the whole race and you can easily compare with your Head Depth. It is one of the key overview features on the film as well on the charts.

Distance per Stroke

With AIM 2.0 we have also incorporated a feature that follws the hand on both arms. You can now see the diffrence in Distance per Stroke in freestyle and Backstroke. This makes it easy to see an unbalance of your stroke.

Overlapping charts for velocity

With the analysis it is easy to see and plan your future races. Swimmers and coaches can see exactly where speed is decreasing or if the turns get slower as the races progress. With all our features you can set up a perfect race strategy.