You coach, we do the math!

AIM Camera Analysis system is the first system in the world that is able to measure your speed and position during a whole race. It is designed to capture, collect, organize, analyze and evaluate competitive performance in sport.
The swimmers, filmed by the cameras, are not using any special markers on their body. They just perform in their usual gear. The cameras pinpoint the location of the arms, head and hip automatically and follow the swimmers thru out the race.
AIM Camera Analysis system presents real time race data in a simple and readable format, enabling coaches and swimmers to iden tify specific strengths and weaknesses in performance and determine each individual’s optimum racing strategy.
AIM Camera Analysis system performs complex and tedious calculations in real time that cannot reasonably be performed by hand.
The result can then be used by coaches and swimmers to extrapolate their ideal racing strategy.

Building a new pool? Don’t go there without us!

Building a new pool is a huge investment. Including a AIM Camera Analysis system from the start is much easier and done right, you have a way to get camps, swimteams and triathletes help you getting that budget balanced.